Working closely with the architectural team at Winn Design, we developed and implemented a master plan for the property.  Our work included comprehensive planting, masonry, grading, lighting and irrigation plans. This garden includes many design features that we include in our projects. Look for the subtle, yet important, edges expressed in the concrete curbing that is visible in both the front and back gardens. The front walk and the back terrace are Indiana limestone, with toothed edges that allow the garden to intersect the masonry. Gravel is an excellent walkway material; here we use it to create an informal path, with flowering perennials arching over the edges of the walk. Notice the dual purpose retaining wall in the back garden. The wall creates the level change in the garden and tucks into the garage, forming the outer wall of the building. Observe that the garden is a mix of more formal elements such as boxwood gum drops, evergreen hedges, flowering trees and perennials. The garden attracts beneficial insects, flowering in some form ten months of the year. We worked with County regulations and designed a permeable driveway that collects and treats the majority of stormwater runoff. This garden and home were featured in Better Homes and Gardens as well as This Old House.