Our Design Process

To initiate the design process, please call or email our office. We’ll ask a series of questions so that we can determine if the project you are interested in pursuing is a good match for our company’s strengths.

If you contact us via email, please include a phone number where you can be reached so that we may call you to discuss the project.  Feel free to describe your project in your email so that we are prepared for our conversation with you.

We will arrange a meeting at your residence with one of our designers. This will allow for us to see your home, the existing conditions of the property, and discuss in greater detail what your future garden may possess. It must be clear how you intend to use your new garden space, how long you plan to stay in your home, and the level of involvement (maintenance) you are prepared to give to the garden as part of the interview process. The more information that you can provide us, the better prepared we will be to begin our design work.

Following our initial meeting, we will provide a written summary of the consultation. The summary will be accompanied by a design proposal which will define our role as landscape designers for your specific garden, will outline the design services that we will provide to you, and will include a price for the concept design. The cost of the concept design is based upon the number of hours we estimate it will take our office to create the design. We charge a flat fee of $250.00 for the consultation and summary, which is credited to your account should you decide to work with us.